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Astroarchetype #7 Libra

Of all the archetypes, Libra is the most polite. Even if she is male, think of her as that person with enough life experience to relate to both sides in an argument. She does not take sides. She listens and defers. If asked, she comments. If asked what she likes, she takes a long time to answer because there are many things she must consider before making the commitment. Libra is finished with babies; her children are high school-ish or older, so she has gone back to work as a party planner, a decorator or a diplomat.

General Characteristics

Characteristics are specific behaviors designed to give you a picture of motivating factors in a person’s life. These generalizations are not meant for any one individual. Generalizations will provide the mood. You can find an exception to a rule, which people love to do, but what good is it to refute the general idea that ‘grass is green’? Grass is all sorts of colors depending on the species, the time of year and the conditions of the soil. Those special conditions determine individuality, which exists in conjunction with general characteristics which occur in the larger population. They are both valid.

Polite Critters

Libra sees herself through the eyes of the “other.” She wants to keep the peace by giving all parties a little bit of what they want. If you still wonder what this is all about, compare Libra to a co-dependent. They are ones that ask you what meal you want so they can fit in around your choice.

you remember the little chipmunks, Chip and Dale, from cartoons in the 50’s? They were brothers or cousins, in some way related and very solicitous of one another. My favorite part was when they would bow and curtsy to let the other go first. They would say, “Allow me,” with a flourish bending head to toe. Then the other would run around to the threshold and do the same. “Oh no no no, it is my pleasure!” They politely deferred to each other repeatedly until a jarring event would push them out of the nice zone and they tumbled down a hill.

In my youth I didn’t know about Astrology or Archetypes, but they resonated to me. I can see people and situations that other people don’t mention. The answer to that situation is simple. Either I have a unique perspective or others are more quiet about unmentionable things than I am.  My own Moon is in Libra. I am very accommodating by nature, often to my own discomfort. The most important thing for a Libran to know is that their discomfort will seldom be appreciated or even recognized by others. The few who do notice will be other Librans!

Let’s look at this Libra thing politically. Obama has a Libra destiny (North Node in the seventh house) and this worries me, because Libra wants to make nice. She wants to strike a balanced deal. In a negotiation, the Libra will hear the other and suddenly that’s the answer! “Hooray, you said it. Good for you.” When the Other winsomely pretends to best him the Libra winsomely replies with his winning smile as he glances down at his useless papers in a gesture of surrender. He can’t say anything. If his Other were also a Libra this would be a contest of elegant gestures, but he’s not. This Other tells lies like the handsome sociopath that he is. Did you know that a large percentage of CEOs are sociopaths? Sociopaths do not understand the grand gesture. They go for the kill. Back in the day competition between gentlemen meant that they stopped before killing each other, but those days are over. This is Thunderdome, folks. Two go in, one goes out.

Astrologically, Obama has a double barreled shotgun full of “please like me”. In his chart Jupiter is 150 degrees away from Venus and that creates a whole lotta “please be my friend.” Much of the good work he has done was motivated by his desire for a good report card. Nothing wrong with that when you want some good works done, but today the left wing radio station mentioned that there are more drillings and diggings for fossil fuels now than ever before. I mean, Obama beats Bush on this. Plus there is no progress in taxing wealthy entities of any kind. Knowing what we know about Libra I have to ask, “Just who are you trying to please, Mr. O.?”

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