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Empathy Chronic Illness and Pisces

This I believe… My illness is real and its source is an osmotic connection to the Earth.

 The Pisces Signature

Pisces is willing. She allows the “feelio”. All of it is welcome. Pisces signature is the sign of the saint and the sinner. Pisces is creative because of the “sponge” factor. They allow and absorb what others give. They are saints when they choose environments that promote saintly behavior. Put the same guy in the ghetto and he will become an instant criminal.

Humuns are energy sponges. We receive the energy of creation, radiation and many unnamed neutrino-like critters into our bodies every minute of the day. These things used to be benign, but like most things in life, when you pile too much junk together it will stink.

“Immune Illnesses” are red flags for toxic overload. The women of Earth (and a few men), are exhausted and in pain because we feel the burden that plagues Mother Earth. We are tired because her resources are depleted. We have sleep disorders because her water is contaminated with everything from oxycodone to turpentine. Our joints and muscles ache from the open wounds on her shell, too many to speak of. So many wounds; so many children needlessly displaced. So much needless sorrow. She weeps and we ache.

With almost 8 billion people, I cannot help but wonder, “Where will we put all the shit?” This is a rational question. Will there be enough room to bury the bodies? It sounds ghoulish, I know, but I am an Oracle. I can’t edit the data.

We are the “Canaries in the Coal Mine.”

When Tweety Bird fell off her perch way down deep in the mine, the miners had the good sense to hightail it out of there. They understood the relationship between the local environment and that bird. When the bird died, the men were not far behind. I have heard that those men dropped their tools and ran like Olympic sprinters to the elevator. It was that quick. Instead of sprinting to green energy we don’t even notice that the bird has stopped singing.

The rational people in this world believe that the Earth is dead and bodies are mechanical.

We are in a rational era. Faith and religion are thrown out the door. If a person says their body “feels” energy from Earth, then that person must be crazy because we accept rational explanations only. And yet we rationalize tearing down trees with impunity. We rationalize getting what we want regardless of its effect on any other being.

Each ecosystem that we have disrupted, is a home. Every tree is a home. Humuns say, “Those squirrels can go live in another tree.” The truth is, the other trees are populated, too. The big news is that each one of our bodies is a home for a multitude of critters. We are never alone.


There is No Where to Go

We Humuns have overpopulated the Earth. There is nothing left to own. Very little left to kill. We are the virus, a disease on the land. Now there is big business in the business of too many. The business of “more” is killing us too. Our civilization has the personality of a very spoiled child who has no clue about consequences. This is happening now. Mother Nature is taking care of some of it with so many gays and transexuals. If this is a worldwide trend, then we can expect fewer babies, but the world still needs to pay attention.

When do we hear about overpopulation in our media? Overpopulation is the single most critical condition on Earth. Ever. All other environmental problems come from Overpopulation. All social problems come from it. Violence comes from it. Even psychopathy comes from it.

  1. The plastic island in the ocean

  2. Average of 50,000 extinctions per year

  3. Toxic waste

  4. Polluted Water

  5. Crazy Storms

  6. Antarctica is 10-30˙ warmer

  7. Etcetera

Hate the Canary

Fibromyalgia victims get a lot of flak. “Just get up and walk around and push through it.” Easier said than done when the legs won’t move and the breath won’t breathe. Victim is a dirty word in this land of the free and home of the brave. The Victim, we say with a throaty murmur. The Victim wasn’t asking for it (but we all know she was!) and no one would ever suggest that she was. Ahem! Throat clearing to the contrary, we don’t really give a shit who asked for what. All we know is that Victimization is for Losers; and don’t we unlike them losers? They live in cardboard boxes, ya know! Merkins are winners. We don’t like when some lowly dying canaries pull down our curve. Dead birds are so damn lazy!

We hate the victim, so we victimize our own Earth. We treat her just like that dirty whore we beat up in the alley behind Joe’s Bar. Nobody will care. She’s just a slut. She Earth, there’s more where she came from.

Our lack of conscious empathy for our home, the Earth has spread to our bodies in the forms of immune disorders and cancer. The people with those conditions are the empaths of Earth. Their bodies express what Earth feels.

The fight song for Hirschi High still rings in my ears from time to time, “We’re gonna fight fight fight for victory, we’re gonna shout shout shout for you!” And so on. We wanted victory. No one cared about the sad faces of the losers across the field, except for me, the lone canary in a field of playful cats.


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