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Gemini in Command!

Perspective Or Opinion; Truth or Dare

King Trump is a Gemini with Leo rising, Mars in Leo and Moon in Sagittarius in the 5th house. The Sun, North Node and Uranus are conjunct in the 11th house. All this Astrologese boils down to two Archetypes: Leo the king and Aquarius the Populist. This gives me hope.

As a Gemini he was undoubtedly farting around to see how much junk he could stir up as a presidential candidate. Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) is just a kid with the power of the “word” and lots of time on his hands. As Aquarius the Populist, he could adapt to this “president” thing and do good works. It could happen. No, not when monkeys fly out of his butt, but maybe when fish fly (some do).

Gemini is in a group called “mutable.” The mutables excel at messes. They love to deal in chaos. Their creativity is bound to what astrologers call “the falling away.” As structure is falling away and chaos abounds, the mutables take what they can as it falls past them, and they create something else from the parts. Gemini can re-define and re-form.

His speech on inauguration day was all about “you, the people,” so let’s get a grip and write letters so he will know our needs. He was born rich, so he has no clue what low living is like, so we should let him know, gracefully. As I have said before, we should play nice. If we deliver hate messages, we will fail to get any of our issues even barely considered. All that Aquarius stuff can be snobby, so sending hate messages will only convince him that the “rabble” don’t deserve his time. We should use the Tiny Tim Approach, “Please sir, may we have another?”

His Personality Symbols


Understand what that North Node

means in a person’s chart – Destiny. You can’t run from that. Destiny is a clingy companion that never stops nagging. You can hide but then you have to do it over. Trump is the perfect wanna be – Gemini – 12 year-old-magician. Sometimes he gets it right, and when it is wrong, he gets away with it because he is cute and 12. His voice cracks when he talks, he always has an erection, he trips over his great big feet and he can’t grasp anything of substance because his hands are so small. Girls go through that phase too, but much earlier; possibly in the womb. Girls are born grownups.

The North Node is a great point of interest in the Society of Archetypes. It is a pointer showing each one of us our “true north.” It is the “little voice” that nags, directs and cajoles us to correct our trajectory.

A Gemini Destiny involves experimentation. A Youth will try anything, like bottle rockets in his ass, lighting farts, wearing garish makeup, sneaking vodka and replacing it with water, turning into steam to go through a keyhole (Mythical Hermes), spying, selling, shilling, tricking, telling, not listening now, but hearing it later, when no one is looking. All in all, with the above criteria, I would say that The Don is doing his destiny to the max.


Last but not least lurks the Sun

in Gemini

in the 11th House-Whole Sign. All that Jazzy Astrologese just means that he thinks that he knows, and he does, but ideas are bombarding him by the millisecond and he can’t keep track of them all, so he stashes them in various hidey holes and sometimes cannot remember where said holes are stashed. This is how it goes when you are a genius of trivia. You know a lot, you simply are not sure where you put it. And that is why he is incoherent when explaining anything.

And that analysis, my friends is why I am not afraid of the DT administration. I, a loyal member of the Gemini Tribe, have many hidey holes in which to hide me-self.

If only I can remember where they are.


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