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HOW PLUTO-cracy got so Goofy

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

The two together
More than black and white


Do not assume that the DNC doesn't want another Trump term. The DNC wants a corporatist candidate, period. We should all realize that there are no more political parties. The winner-take-all-two-party system is combative not cooperative. Dems and Repubs are the two wings of the Plutocrat party and we are just forking goofy if we can't see that!


Winners create losers. Nothing wrong with that when it comes to games, but when it comes to living together, it is not good. Combat is a masculine response, biologically and metaphorically speaking and if that sounds sexist to you it is. Just look at any political group photo of power brokers and note the sea of thousand dollar black suits. Oops, my low class is showing because I said thousand instead of five thousand! See, I imagine an expensive thing to cost one thousand, like any small child would! "A cagillion! It costs a cagillion, okay?!"

This naive girl of seventy sees a sea of black frocked dudes with underage femmes behind the scenes and no real grown up womyn in sight. The masculine values of combat have won and now we are all losing our minds, hearts and souls in the process of what seemed like a fun contest, but turns out to be a murderous conquest. All the genders have subscribed and now we must sort it out together. Mothers have surrendered their daughters to genital cutting and sexual slavery for five thousand years. It is traditional. Men have sacrificed their sons to bloody wars. It is traditional. The Age of Winning is killing everything - in its wake, its prow and its starboard.

The Age of Winning is deadly to us all - the cute babies, furry mammals and green growings. Everything is dying on a massive scale because of the Unitary Policy of living. Unitarity is deadly because it promotes isolation which, ironically creates an antagonistic Other. And then there were two parties.

What is the first rule of Unitarity? One must be selfish. I am primary. I am important. But what? Then why am I suicidal, self destructive, angry, disempowered and lonely? What is that I say to myself all day perched on the point of a pyramid, it's lonely at the top? Yes it is. I am high up, so everything else is low and that makes me cruel, because I just said it - they are low, distant and small. They are bugs, I squash bugs, therefore, I am lonely. Unitarity is insane.


There is One Party, run by the same old rich dudes and a few old femmes with money, too - The Business As Usual Party. They have all the money. They own the media and the private jets. They fly around the world together while raping girls recruited by indoctrinated hapless old hags. They are trying to get a hold on the internet. They are more insidious than any Russian conspiracy. They are the Russian conspiracy. Mass confusion is a euphemism for getting screwed and not wanting to admit it. I can go on. So I will. Here are some of the Parties...

"Pay No Attention to the Thing in Front of Your Face Party

"Look At the Shiny Object Party

"Buy Another Gadget Party

"Take Your Soma Pill so You Can Stop Crying Party

"Be Like Jesus and Suffer for Me, So I don't Have To Party

The uber wealthy will stand on our necks until we shake them off. How do we do that? They will not remove the boot willingly. Watch other nations. You have the internet. Watch the relentless protestors all over the world. Do that. Join the Green Party en masse. Because if we could convince Bernie to go Green, he would win the presidency. He could have done it last time. I thought he was a coward then, but now I know better. He believed in fixing the machine. His tide could turn. We could all agree to see the light and jump into a third party even though we believe in the "Dogma of the Spoiler". Who wrote that dogma? Republicrats?! The Republicrat Party is spoiled and dangerous to the health of everything and everyone you know and love.


Maybe this time he will risk getting out of the machine because the truth is, Trump will likely beat Biden, Warren, Butterfudge, or any other DNC stooge because the machine hums along at its singular pace, promoting the Business is God narrative. The right and the left are an illusion designed to fool us. At the top, there is only The Top. Bernie is the only one attempting to topple the top and he believes he can do it in this old fashioned, democratically correct way, but do we have democracy any more? If so, where? Am I blind or am I blindly accepting the shine of my ego?


They tell us their hands contain Aces and Eights, but they are bluffing! I never heard the word Plutocracy until 10 years ago. Now I hear it every day. (And by the way, I have been hearing things for 70 years, so I have heard plenty by now.) Plutocracy. Sounds like a cool thing. A cool word to say, to throw from one's mouth hole like you said something valuable or strong. Plutocracy. What does it mean? The same thing as Oligarchy, another cool word to say. They are the same. A few strong armed families get control of natural resources and then control the narrative so they can hoodwink the uneducated into working/slaving for them.

DNC RNC - BFB's (big fat bluffers)

The Plutogarchs have intercepted the DNC and the RNC for quite some time now. It looks more clear than ever that progressives must fight from a third party vantage, which means letting go of this "Unity Narrative" that has been spoon fed to us for the past few years since Trump came to be. I took the pledge. You took the pledge. #pleasedontmakemevoteforjoe Remember that? I spread it around plenty, but when the evidence of kool aid shows up, we should stop sipping and resort to drinking truth serum - a bitter drink, an acquired taste. If Democratic unity requires another DNC stand-in, then it is a false narrative. Do not drink the refreshing lemon-flavored sweet drink for it is poison and will kill us all.


Why does this single one dude get to raise his hand on a stupid bible and then tear up every bit of carefully constructed bit of democratically designed laws and protections? It's like letting a abandoned, unloved toddler run your home. We have been disillusioned by a careful Plutogarchical plan called "The Unitary Executive Theory". I first heard about this when President Shrub was in office. Cheney and his ilk were slipping it into our drinks at the time. We are frogs in an ever-warming pot of genetically modified water.


The Repub Party is no longer what it was, it is the Trump Party and he is an ultimate Republigarch. We Dems have grown to hate the DNC. So let's all jump ship into the fetid sea water we have disregarded since the inception and dive deep into the uncharted places where Europeans have swum for centuries. Multi-party systems! Gulp! There are many conservatives who realized they are not represented either. I know rednecks, hippies and yuppies who want Bernie for good practical reasons. There are many Trumpers who would defect if given productive conversation over demonizing name calling. Talk about a coalition! The only thing holding us back is our labels, our names.


And speaking of labels, or naming calling, go back to Pete Butterfudge, the man with at least two identities and a very cute name that is unspellable so I made up an easier one. He is young - check. He is gay - check. What else? He is Midwestern - check. And... Here's a big one - He is first name recognizable because all the greats are! Like Barack, Bernie, Bono and Cher. He is inexperienced - check. Wow, more identities, he's knocking them down. Now I can guess what they were talking about in Pluto's Wine Cooler! I will not be surprised to see him installed into the DNC spot, because he will not rock the boat, and like beloved Obama, he will be charming and soothe the savage breasts of the dispossessed which will make us more governable than the turbulent Trump era that stirred up so many unruly and undeserving peasants. Damn those helpless bugs. So annoying!


The American Constitution is a vague document which has been used by clever legislators, lawyers. Over time they scoot public policy away from the public and into the hands of the Plutogarchs, while misdirecting us gullible children with immoral advertising for fizbo widget thingys and fast toxic antinutrients of all despicable inventions designed for our convenience. They tell us we have no limits to growth. Unlimited growth is called cancer and it is a plague as well as big business in Modernia. In the hands of the elite, our American Constitution professes the license to plunder. No one has studied it, read it or has a clue what it says or means, except those who pretend to know and they went to college to learn that specialized language of deceit.


"Political factions or parties began to form during the struggle over ratification of the federal Constitution of 1787. Friction between them increased as attention shifted from the creation of a new federal government to the question of how powerful that federal government would be. The Federalists, led by Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton, wanted a strong central government, while the Anti-Federalists, led by Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson, advocated states’ rights instead of centralized power. Federalists coalesced around the commercial sector of the country while their opponents drew their strength from those favoring an agrarian society. The ensuing partisan battles led George Washington to warn of “the baneful effects of the spirit of party” in his Farewell Address as president of United States."

George Washington, Farewell Address, September 19, 1796 -

“Let me now take a more comprehensive view, and warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the spirit of party generally.”

Constitutional Myth #3: The 'Unitary Executive' is a Dictator in War and Peace -THE ATLANTIC


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