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Karma and the X Spot

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

There was this guy who wasn’t good for a girl. She asked with astrology words, "Is he bad for me because of these astrology words, or what?" I translated Saturn conjunct her South Node into English like this:

"He is part of your muscle-memory. Muscle memory is not good or bad. It can serve you well when your bat cracks the ball for a home run because you practiced every day for 10,000 hours since you were three years old, you can be sure of it. Or, muscle memory can hold you in a downward spiral pattern when you can’t stop shoveling ice cream into your face in an Automatic Feeding Reaction (AFR?), which was also practiced for 10k hours. Muscle memory is a bitch!" Saturn and the South Node are muscle memory energies. They represent your training and the repetition of your past.

Here in Modernia, we talk about choice and being free agents (BFA?) but are we really? Being a Free Agent is not what you think. It takes practice to be free and that is why they tell us that Practice Makes Perfect. Are you practicing your future or your past? We mostly practice our past and barely live in our present. We need a grip.

She said, “My Saturn conjuncts his north node in Aries …” I answered,

"Choose the Now to make past muscle memory and future vision work together." Or better yet, get a clue about where you have been and the get a vision about where you are going. The thing is, the past and the future don’t exist. That is the big joke on us! We drag the past along our present road, not realizing that we need to grip the Now, but that is not possible when we are so firmly gripping the past, the muscle memory.

The Karmic Pathway

The Moon's Nodes, north and south, represent a vital pathway of discovery. Look at the sideways figure eight at the top of this page. It is all connected. The opposites flow into each other in the middle at the X spot. When someone is connected along your pathway, how do you experience her/im in your X spot time? Is this person an involuntary muscle movement in your life or is s/he part of a novel vision, something new?

We don’t successfully overcome the past, muscle memory, until we fully understand it. We cannot envision a different future until we are in the flow of the Now. If the past muscle is in control, the Now is muddy. Acceptance is the key to the Now. In other words, you can control it. Get a grip on it. Get a hold on the ice cream spoon. Put it in the drawer, preferably cleaned, and toss the tempting treat into the trash. Feed it to racoons. Just stop it. Control your arm. It is not a robot arm, it is controlled by your intention; your spirit. Wake up, Neo!

The South Node is not a free agent. It is connected to the North Node in a continuous figure 8 flow of past, present and future. Together they are the ghosts of Christmas. You don’t escape or redeem them because you are them and they are in you. The task is to unite them in the crossover spot I call the X spot. Using the physical body to understand, think of your heart, as the center of the X spot. The center is love, and love is will. The will to be.

The X in the middle is Transcendent. Each creature has an X. Everyone has a heart. The world is an X spot, also. Our world is the X spot of our universe. Think nested dolls! Be careful where you step, because you are treading on someone’s X spot. Awareness matters.

Sages of All Times tell us about Eternity and we wonder, "What do they mean?" The BE HERE NOW message comes to mind. Ram Das meant that you are always living right smack dab in the middle of your existence, your X spot. We share a societal X spot as well. It is called the Collective Consciousness. We create, and struggle together as unit, which is why the Modernian pretense of rugged individualism and duality is so destructive to the collective vision. And yet here I am. Alone. Individuated. And there you are. Apart from me. Duality seems so evident. So palpable.

Humanity’s uniqueness lies in our task to unite the invisible with the palpable. Spirit and Body. South Node is Body. North Node is Spirit and the X is love and will. Educate the spirit. Guide the Body. Free-will lies between past and future events. Free-will is a sailor, navigating the winds of the past toward an imagined shore.

The word "karma" comes to mind. It has come to mean a form of punishment for past action, but that is not what the sages meant. Karma is the X spot. It is why you are standing where you stand. Yes, stuff happened that has led you here, but it is not punishment. This is circumstance. We must look to the ghost of the future while standing in the puddle of the present and choose to do better. Choose to see what could be, like the ancestors chose to have a smooth pathway to travel on, and then, to will it.

Saturn represents what is here due to ancestral longings. She is the crystalized longing of past beings. The ancestor wanted a smoother path for her travels so we have black ribbon roads to travel in our X time. Here we are in Modernity, sailing across the bumpy Earth without a care.

Ancestor worship is really just gratitude. And Karma is really just what you are doing right now, in your X Spot. The people in your life Now are part of your past and your future. It is your job to unite their offerings within yourself. The ones who make it harder for you may be toxic or they may be part of your 10,000 hours of practice. You must recognize them for who who they are now and accept them or reject them on the terms of your pathway. Will she be a wake up call or will he force my old muscle movements to engage?

Will power marries love in the hearts of us all. Each time we make that connection, the mountain moves a bit closer.


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