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KneeJerk A-Merka

We live in a province called “Jerking Knee Merka.” It is a large and beautiful place, filled with many kind and lovely skin people, fur people, feather and scale people. Oh, and don’t forget the chlorophyll people. Sadly, there are many here at war with skins of other textures and colors. They want to wear the skins of the other, so they kill for fun justified by a quaint concept called “reason.” Evidently, if one has a good “reason” then one can get away with murder, or “war,” as they call it.

The Old Wise Ones (Deciders) are Rich Old White Skins with dangles. These dangles are very sensitive, so ROWS go to great lengths to protect them. This is often the “reason” for “war,” and why their knees jerk up so quickly for any and all reasons.

The ROWS made the rules good for themselves, using words that told others they had done right by all the others. But it was not true. Rules were made to keep “the Many” in their places, in hovels, in pain, in ignorance.

The main rule is you can only like one skin and that is the “One” “No Seeum Skin.” He is father to the Dead God who was a skin person before his gruesome death. But the Dead God is actually the “No Seeum” Dude in the first place. The son is the father of the father, from what I can gather. The point is, this “Oneness” may sound all cozy at first, but it has run the ship of state aground and many viral elements are gathering on the beach, ready to do their worst to the vulnerable ship boards. What is the skin of the “Unseen One”?

So it went that the ROWS regenerated their kind into the modern Red Breasted Robin Barons. As it turned out, they were robust red breasted robins who followed along as farmers turned the soil. Big fat worms were exposed for the Big Fat Robins to eat. Their kind explained to the Many that they were receiving all the benefits they had “earned,” what with all that walking behind farmers and such. Funny, there was not much earning going on in the RBRB culture. The worms were passed from feather-father to feather-son, and sometimes a daughter got a bite, not not oftenly.

Where did all this modern skin-wealth come from? It came from Asia and Africa, via Europe. Having skinned the many inhabitants of Asia and Africa, Christ-ians sailed from Spain to the New World, where they murdered innocent, peaceful skin, feather and fur people by the millions. They stole the gold, the fur and chlorophyll people. They devastated the skin People with disease. The few that remained were forced to adopt the Dead God Religion. Many died of broken hearts, yet these cruel Christ-ians did not notice or care, although they insisted they were the most righteous and best of all skins.

They lacked compassion. Why did they lack compassion? When there is only ONE skin, other skin lose their value. When the Knee Jerk religion takes over, only the ONE NO-SKIN has any value. At that point in herstory, other “Skin People” have no one to blame but each other. So they do.

As they pointy crooked fingers in the little face of girlies and boy-ohs, theys knees jerk up to they bellies without them even know. For all them know is they walking to de store. Dey walking in a circle, but it don’t matter, cause what matter to dem is pointy finger in the little face. They say, ” The rabbit did it. It all her fault!” Then point at rabbit, she don’t jerk the knee, she hop away, so day shoot her dead.

Then they shout, “Hooray, de rabbit gone dead. No more wrong tings gonna happen now!” But sure enough, the next day one person pointy finger at badger, and they kill badger and then say hooray. Problem was, too many pointies and only a few furs, so the furs were all dead before all the pointies got to pointy. T

That was the day when they all saw what they had done. They understood the meaning of blinders and they looked down at millions of blinders on the ground from sea to shining sea. Blinders floated in ponds and wafted in the breeze on the remaining scattering of trees. Now they could see the other that had been pointed out and it was a mirror. Where ten stood, twenty seem to stand.

They all said at once, “Oops, we are such great assholes!”

The End


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