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Mercury, Nosey God-Communicator

The Solar Wind
NASA – Marshall Space Flight Center -

Share it or Lose it!

Is it nosey to wonder why butter flies? Gemini, king of the pun, lowest but clever form of humor is ruled by Archetypal Mercury/Hermes, Greco/Roman god of communication. The words “Chattering” and “Nosey” are provocative terms designed to lessen the value of shared information provided by youthful Mercury-ruled Geminis. Why can't we catch the wind? This so-called nosey person is the data gatherer. He gathers and then sends it to the central data station: the mind-body. If he weren’t so interested in the local chit-chat, the Universe would be static; no movement. The Sun's Constant Companion busily keeps data flowing.

This Archetype is the Wind itself and masculine gendered because it is concept, not physical. As you know from my site, Masculine Energy is untouchable and Feminine Stuff is physical. Try to keep the wind away from you when it is whistling through your house on a chilly day. How do like it when the fan blows over you on a cold day? On a warm day? One scenario is good, the other is uncomfortable. That's why they say Gemini is amoral - the wind blows many ways.

Mercury, constant companion to the Sun Archetype, inquires endlessly, filling all gaps, penetrating every weak point of entry; never resting. Lessons learned are lessons shared and Archetypal Mercury is willing to leap over the edge endless times until he gets it right. Share right. Groundhog Day Reboot.

The Solar Wind

Mercury is never farther than 30˚ from Big Brother Apollo, the Sun. You know about those Solar Flares that play havoc with our communication systems? Well, The Solar Wind is Mercurial in that it brings Solar Data to Earth. Scientists understand how it works, but not why.

Astrologers notice the effects, but we don't know why either. No one does. We think we know stuff, but that is the trick! Mercury is the Archetype that Thinks. He is the mind, the Trickster, and we all know the mind is a tricky thing to listen to!

Elemental Mercury

The Archetype has a job and the Element tells how he does it. In Fire, he thinks fast. In Earth he thinks slow. In Air he thinks rationally. In Water he thinks subconsciously. In all cases, he is still thinking, redesigning, strategizing. But DO NOT allow him to LEAD the way. Remember, he is a-moral - without morality. The Sun warms your heart. Ultimately the Sun is your best guide.


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