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My Body, My Baby, My Loss

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Why do we ask pregnant womyn, "Whose baby is it?" Does that seem rude? The answer is simple. It is inside her. It is her baby. It's great if she has help with the process, which takes years, by the way. It also takes her teeth, her figure and her life blood. Don't get me wrong, I am not anti-male, but the femme does ALL THE WORK. The masculine is only required for 10 seconds. That is a simple fact, not an indictment. If men choose to love and support the womyn they impregnate, so much the better.

In cultures where people believe in social connection to each other; extended families including aunts, uncles, older siblings and friends help with the burden of child rearing. Everyone pitches in, because let's face it folks, children are a joyful burden. They require constant attention and connection. But in Western culture, where we believe independence; we believe that a man and woman own the product of their 10 seconds to with as they please.

I disagree with this premise. I believe that bi-polar ownership of kids is bad for all of us. It separates us. Isolates us.

I believe that the best men will function as Uncles to all children and that the best women will pitch in to assist and support each other in their Motherhood Ordeal. Because, I have to tell you, that as a former mother, the entire ritual of sex, pregnancy and motherhood is a life-sucking endurance test foist upon the womyn who are then made complicit through hormonal coercion.

I bled, I accepted, I opened, I waited to be sucked, I held on to him, and now I have lost him. So it goes in the femme form.


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