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Pronouns Matter to Girls and Boys

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

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Are You A Boy or Are You A Girl? Does it Matter?

Masculine languaging is our acceptable way of referencing our world. Other languages have genderized nouns and pronouns that cover both genders. Some languages do not have M/F genders at all. Imagine that! Can language make a difference in our daily lives? I say it can and it does.

English uses the masculine gender to reference general items within reality. In English, MAN is the normal reference for humanity, creatures, and the world. MANKIND cannot be replaced with WOMANKIND OR WOMUNKIND without virulent opposition from outer-genitalized beings. It is simply so. Internally genitalized beings are the sub-beings, according to modern paternalized English referencing.

"...between man and nature..." If you notice the many entries like this in historical and present language, you will begin to understand how insidious this issue is. For Example...

If I referred to humankind as "...woman and nature..." you can be certain that many people would protest loudly asking,

"How do you know it's a woman?" I hear this all the time, because I refer to the shark in the tank at the marine museum as she, because I view the physical world as feminine and I like to see the reactions on other people's faces when I do this. It is always a surprise and often they ask,

"Do you know it's a girl?" To which I answer, "Do you know it's a boy?" And then the snark begins!

The world and her populations are always described by the masculine pronoun. We are told that the word MAN encompases all that is. Every critter that has not been specifically deemed a specific gender is named him or he, because it is acceptable to generalize masculinity, but not acceptable to generalize femininity. We assume the masculine unless proved otherwise, so why don't we see it the other way around? At times I refer with the feminine noun or pronoun and say,

"You can just add yourself in. You men are assumed to be part of Womanity. Relax, it is an umbrellic term that encompasses all." But of course, that is usually unacceptable. Men will fight me on this. Literally shout and yell about this reversal of fairness. And If I point out that womyn have been named MAN for about 5 thousand years and could we get the favor returned? The men say,

"NO." They always say,

"No, do not call us womyn. Do not call me she." They say that out loud with words from their mouths. Yet they see no value for womyn to change the spellings of genderized words to fit their own gender. I am convinced of this because, in various social situations I have attempted to reverse this practice. I have referred to men as ladies, womyn or girls and for some reason they told me they were offended. They told me to "Stop talking like that, now. Really. Shut up. Shut up now. Don't say that again."

Men have literally told me that being called Feminine in any referencial way is offensive to them. And yet womyn have normalized being called MAN for centuries. Normalization is Oppression. We get too comfortable at times and simply must break the old skin to renew ourselves and grow into the next dimension. We do this with a bit of anguish and pain because the old is tight around us and it feels like comfort and safety. And it is. Astrologers call it Saturn, the outer limits of our eyes ability to see.

After the physical eye's limit is met, we must use our intuition, which is the eyeless faith into the future. Humuns have this extra/outer ability to see with this new part of brain development called the Prefrontal Cortex. Other creatures don't have this way of seeing. Yogis and Shaman see with it. We all have that structure as humuns, not all of us choose to use it. Therein lies the Normalization Situation.

Normalizing Masculinity has been our method to get to here and now. The Masculine brain is the Seer; the futurist; the novelist; the inventor; the conceptualizer. We have traveled that path with great success, but along the way, we have lost reverence for the Numinous Mother, Ancestral Past. She supports us. We forgot to thank her.

Our present Crossroads requires that we get close and personal with both inner and outer parents. All Nows flow from the Past to the Future. In Life, we stand in the Vortex, the funnel, the whirlpool. Water spins around us carrying all possibilities through time and space, and like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, we watch concepts and things fly around our heads as we stand in the center, in Perfect Peace.


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