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Spock Says it All in Star Trek Episode 17

Great minds do think alike. While in the middle of creating this meme, I did some research and found the above memes from this brilliant guy who finished his first and offered to share. Far be it for me to make a new wheel. Here’s his address…

As usual Spock said it all 50 years ago. No wonder we liked him the best!

Intellect on its own is a crazed Perfectionist, killing off the perceived faulty offspring, and endlessly recreating his perceived flawed plan to no avail. His plan could be perfect but he cannot ever see it that way. We believe intellect is our saving grace as a race, but it could be the opposite. Rationale; rationalize. Not our best feature.

Speak Your Truth

“Mea Culpa” is the same as our current phrase “My Bad.” Confession says, “I did that.” It is hard to admit guilt to a deed you did not do. But if you had the perspective that you created life, it would be easier to admit culpability. Right? If you made it, then you could easily say, “Oops, I forgot the second eyeball! Mea Culpa! That was me, over here; third bench from the right!


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