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The Devil's Name

Stop invoking the devil's name. Be s/he H----r, T---p, or your M----r !

Graphic Drawing of Tree Top, trunk and roots.
Look! All Connected!

So many stories in news and social media. So many invocations. T---p suckles it in like thirsty pup on teat. Push hard. He push hard. He blow hard, from both blow holes. Step aside, let wind pass. Move sideways, like crab, like water, like crab in water. Wave hankie to brush off farts. Pick up the covers to let fart out from bed. Go back to sleep. To Dream the True Remedy.

The True Remedy

See with laser vision. Like microscope, like telescope, like view from inside the deep well.

#responsibilitynotblame is answer. Be the devil. Eat h/er/im. Swallow Black and White to breathe out a rainbow - Make Two Opposites into the One Colorful You. Tame monster within to make reality sing a pretty tune.

Who is real enemy? Self - She is confused - Missunderstood. Too many reasons not matching proper actions. Tilt. Game Over. Begend.

Enemy is Apathy, Willful Ignorance. Enemy is within. Make friends with your killer, your disobedient, your egoistic, your selfish. Understanding does not mean you like it. Understanding does not make the Bad Thing OK. Understanding softens self to self. To love self is to Understand and love anyway.

Listening does not constitute agreement. Listen and love. All the Same. Ego. Poof. Love. All the same. to Invoke Demon by Name makes it Stronger. Say; "I am Spartacus!" "I am the mycelium." "We are all Same, even T---p." Everybody Poops.


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