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The End of Kings, The “Me” Generation is on its way out

Pluto’s Sign Describes the Angst of an Era; The Zeitgeist.

Plutonic Eras. Check the dates to see your era. Most of the men in power now are from the “Me Generation”.  We were the kids who were raised by the controlling “Protection Generation.” We rebelled. We demanded our freedom. We knew we were special. As we saw it, our parents were too willing to give up their autonomy for the sake of solidarity. The Ages before us were very long: from 30 years down to ours, a mere 19. But check out how short they are following the “me’s”. Capricorn, or the Age of Acquisition (fascism) represents a turning point at fifteen years. This is the Age of the Monkey with her hand in a jar full of dates. Her hand is full of succulent food and she won’t let go. That’s how you trap a monkey. There must be a helpful strategy there. How do we little people trap a monolithic corporate monkey? We have 7.5 more years to try it. We could learn it from The Protection Generation. They fought hard for their rights.

Then all hell will break loose. Aquarius is not a sissy Age! What then? The Tyranny of the Group? Hopefully we will soften and relax our grips on stuff. Learn to love what it is and not how much it is. That is the difference between Capricorn and Aquarius.

  1. Taurus ~ 1851-1881 ~ 30 years ~ The Age of Plenty

  2. Gemini ~ 1881-1913 ~ 32 years ~ The Age of Communication

  3. Cancer ~ 1913-1938 ~ 25 years ~ The Age of Protection

  4. Leo ~ 1938-1957 ~ 19 years ~ The Me Generation ~ Leo the King

  5. Virgo ~ 1957-1972 ~ 15 years ~ The Age of Perfection

  6. Libra ~ 1972-1984 ~ 14 years ~ The Age of Aesthetics

  7. Scorpio ~ 1984-1996 ~ 12 years ~ The Age of Sex

  8. Sagittarius ~1996-2008 ~ 12 years ~ The Age of Ideology

  9. Capricorn ~ 2008-2024 ~ 15 years ~ The Age of Acquisition

  10. Aquarius ~ 2024-2042 ~ 18 years ~ The Age of Rebellion

  11. Pisces ~ 2042-2066 ~ 22 years ~ The Age of Peace

  12. Aries ~ 2066-2094 ~ 28 years ~ The Age of the Beginning

  13. Taurus ~ 2094-2126 ~ 30 years ~ The Age of Plenty

On America’s rising fascism (Noam Chomsky-Alternet)

My comments in red.(hand deep in the jar) The policies being formulated and enacted are drawn from the playbook of the most reactionary… fringe of the Republican establishment. The abject service to private wealth and power is accompanied with an authoritarian and fundamentalist program to transform US society. (appeals to the base beliefs) The project is driven by the Bannon-Sessions vision of a society devoted to Judeo-Christian roots white supremacy, eliminating such pernicious and threatening nonsense as arts and humanities and upholding the Betsy DeVos doctrine that public education has to be dismantled, while if science conflicts with religion, then too bad for science. Meanwhile, we are to wave a mailed fist at the world while cowering behind walls and rebuilding the “depleted military” that is the most powerful force in human history, dwarfing any collection of competitors. All of this resonates with at least parts of a society that has long been the safest and most terrified in the world


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