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Is stepping over suffering living beings while rich, an addiction?

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Shall we widen or narrow the definition of a drug? Any and all refined substances are addicting, including The Good Life. I was on 90mg of Oxycodone for several years. Just in case you did not know, that is a lot! I had and still have terrible pain from spinal stenosis. It helped. I could get around so much better then. But I have paradoxical drug reaction syndrome,which means that Oxy did not make me tired, it perked me up like speed, which is not the normal reaction. I liked it so much that I shared it with the family and we all got addicted together. Oops!

In Tucson I frequented the Hot Therapy Pool where we old and broken folks could swim and share our stories of decrepitude. Many of us were on this pain relief medication and it was great, because otherwise we would have been writhing about, wishing for death. Now that the "opioid crisis" is in full swing, we are once again writhing and wishing for death and laxatives.

Modernia has mistakenly conflated mind altering plants with pharmaceutical drugs pedaled by allopaths. The Peyote Ceremony is a life-altering experience that everyone could benefit from if they only attended one single ceremony for their entire life. Talk to people who have experienced Ayahuasca, or Psychocybin mushrooms. They have seen life in a different way. What is wrong with that? Why is that illegal? I know! Hand raised.

"It's because the Pharmacy companies pay big bucks to lawmakers, so they won't have any barriers to being the wealthiest companies on earth." I myself, can tell you the difference between Oxycodone and black tar heroin is substantial. The heroin killed pain and relaxed me and the pharmaceutical oxy jacked me up! The difference is between refined and raw. In Modernia we think refinement is the greatest thing ever. Sleek buildings and stainless steel environments fuel our sci-fi imagery. Well, that and way too much devastated armageddons. But we praise the white sugar and flour, and that stuff will kill us. Maybe eating less refined white foods would allow our bodies to rest and heal on their own, thus requiring fewer refined drugs.

Any so-called "crisis" that is on the news is probably a red herring designed to distract us from real issues, problems and actual solutions. Thus, the opioid crisis. If people are in pain, let them have pain killers. And if old people are in pain let them eat all they want until they die peacefully and constipated. Who cares? What's wrong with this picture?

We are in crisis because our culture sucks. The Omnipresent Corporate Consumer Culture does not provide purpose and meaning in our lives. We are in crisis because we believe we are machines devoid of purpose and meaning, so of course, instead of cuddling the baby, we put her in a plastic tub with a handle, which we bought for boo coo bucks, of which we are proud! Are we really this stupid? We swing her around in said bucket and drive her around in the car. If she cries, do we pull over and comfort her to coo and cuddle for a few intimate moments? No. We say,

"Oh she will fall asleep soon enough" or,

"She is so demanding! Let her cry." or,

"We can't stop, we have a deadline." or,

"Babies cry." Or we laugh uncomfortably because in our hearts we feel something is very wrong.

But do they cry in Bali, where the baby is held up by relatives until she is one year old? Or in places where the baby is swaddled to the mother all day as the mother works and lives? Do they cry that soulful lost bellow that my baby cried when I tried the "cry it out method" to get him to sleep alone in a crib? My baby liked falling asleep under the table on our feet, at the breast, on the sofa draped over me in full contact, or wherever his people were hanging out.

Modernia is selfish with her touch, contact is taboo. Touch can lead to sex and other perverted stuff like enjoying the aroma of another person. Ick! Whispers might lead to inappropriate sex. Slurp! And tasing real food? Rather have a twinkie? Commercial flavors are designed for target age groups, thus all packaged foods are sent to you like logarithms from their corporation to your mouth. We are allowed to sit on the sofa, thigh to thigh, eyes forward looking toward the TV. That is intimacy in Modernia. Ho hum.

Our baby grows up with limited touch and becomes an addict, in search of touch. But touch is not promoted. Touch is nasty. Purchasing power is good. Promoted. Denied to The Many, The Many attempt self-touch in perverted ways, like overeating, pedophilia, and escape into drugs and alcohol and watching instead of doing. We are a society of voyeurs. The Many have Hungry Eyes.

Drugs are not bad when used for mind expanding ceremonies, but in Consumeria, we lump all "drugs" as a Thing that must not be done. If "drugs" are so horrible why do we like them so much and why don't we lump alcohol into the group? Alcohol is certainly a drug, along with cigarettes and a long list of pharmaceuticals passed out by hapless allopaths.

"Lift your glass and propose a toast to the Drug Free Consumer Capital of Modernia !" Oxymoron, much? Modernians "do drugs" like no others. We "do" statins and viagras and tylenol, oh my! Pharmaceutical companies provide schedules of when a person should start receiving each drug according to their age. These recommendations are made from testing that is bought by Pharmaceutical companies to justify their own existence.

The real reason for drug addiction is a failing culture. Until we each vow to get back into a "do it yourself for trade" mentality, we will continue to slide down the razor blade of cultural suicide that is presently cutting into our collective sanity.

And did you know that drug addicted rats, when given a clean and interesting environment with other rats, will push the water button instead of the cocaine button? Did you know? Of course not! Why? Because you don't hear about these experiments in the daily news. Are the few addicted to Too Much? With this in mind, can we deduce that Poverty is an addiction of the Rich? Is stepping over suffering living beings while rich, and addiction?

What is your drug of choice? Did you choose it or did it choose you?


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