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We are the One, the Herm

Silhouette of womun and man.
We are The One, The Herm

This frightening time in history has been designed for us and by us, for this purpose - Take Responsibility, not the blame. It is time to understand that we have become complacent consumers, willing to accept abuse in exchange for minor comforts. But I don't find comfort or power here. I see The Abused Feminine, hating Herself. The Realm of the Femme is Now. She Shapes and Controls All That Is.

We need Understanding, not argument.

Acceptance does not constitute agreement. Be brave to listen. Hear what people want and need, not what they fear and loathe.

Careless government comes directly from carelessness of the irresponsibles. If things suck for you, then don't swallow the nasty tasting medicine alone. Close your lips tight and refuse. Rally around those close to you. Tell your friends,

"Don't swallow, spit it out. Close your lips!" We are not alone. Never alone. Always connected. Disagreements are meaningless in the face of our fears. Stop pointing fingers and open your minds.

We are shaped by fear. Look at the murder shows on TV. So many murders of so many women. Everything seen on Tv and in movies is training for the brain. We are trained to murder. We are in training to be mulch. We are in training to be insensitive to many experiences; like grief, existential loneliness, sadness, loss. We fear our very own feelings. We fear our truth, which is extra sad when you realize that we are already saved, already safe in a deep Mystery.

Boys trained to kill. Girls trained to retreat. We are all children, doing as we were taught. Following the trends. So be brave enough to Peek through the Veil. See pain. See love. Be between. In Between. The Middle is where Peace lives. Violence lives on the fringes. Pull back from the edges. You don't have to look over the edge. You are not required to leap, only to be present, knowing about edges is enough for you.

They call it "desensitizing" - Don't feel it, there's a pill for that. And that pill was designed by a person who swallowed the bitter culture pill and indebted hermself into spending a lot of fake energy (money) to be trained in a fake profession to earn more fake energy to follow a hollow ideal. Don't bite! You don't need a profession, you need a trade.

Empower yourself with actions, not words. Words are hollow. I am a wordsmith, thus a shaper of hollow concepts. Puffs of brain-breath. It is what I do. Observe and Puff.

Try kind words. Try a little kindness.

Be Responsible. Do your due diligence. No one else will doing it for you.


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