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Why Astrology is Important

We have heard for years that people do not trust Hillary Clinton. Is it an obvious flaw in her character? Or do we shy away from her mask of deception, which we see clearly, and yet cannot see underneath? We know what we see. We know she’s hiding something. How do we know? The way she holds her chin up, just a bit higher than normal? Or is she simply too glib to be real?

Mercury in Scorpio square Pluto/Mars says, “I will be the boss of you, even if I have to yell the loudest to literally beat you.” In other words, she is abusive in private. She’s very angry at being female in a masculine environment. Her volatility begins on the ground with Moon in the fiery fifth house (“Look at Meee!”), in the sign of the ultimate victim (I will die to prove a point”), Pisces. She makes a show (5th hse) of her surrender to the “unworthies” (Bernie, philandering husband, Bernie Bros).

Aside from the identity-revealing Scorpio rising, her chart has that delightful Saturn/Pluto/Mars conjunction; squaring those vulnerable points in the first house – Chiron/Venus/Mercury. In Scorpio, those planets are not benign. Those planets in those signs, sqare those 10th house planets represent a Medea persona. She killed her own children and served them up to her philandering husband. Any means to the desired end.

For Scorpions the end is all the matters. It justifies any atrocity. Her time as Secretary of State was undoubtedly very satisfying, because she was allowed to justify many atrocities and in so doing was able to relieve some of her power instincts – orgasm by bombing. OBB.


Scorpio rising makes for a private person. Whatever she does, it must belong to her, or she won’t play. She is extremely expert at knowing the “other” so intimately that she can flay their living flesh from the bone. As a medical professional, you would call this person a surgeon. As a politician, we call her a “teflon goddess”.

Don’t you believe that this information would be good for the public to know? I believe we should all know the good, bad and ugly features of ourselves. Since I learned mine, I can make fun of myself in good humor. Self-knowledge gives us insights that prevent over-reaction. Or in my case, allows me to see myself over-reacting. I tell my friends to help me through my crazy.

I don’t need to vilify Hillary. Hers is a painful path, but the truth is, it wouldn’t hurt so bad if she knew what astrologers know. It would be useful to know that her destiny isn’t to live this difficult chart; her destiny (and yours/mine) is to learn how to handle this power. The usual methods haven’t been working for quite some. We just call our past misunderstandings “history” and decide on the status quo because it is what we know.


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