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She is Earth. She is the Universe.. Why so many fatties these days? Because Goddess is returning and she is huge. Why hate fat? Because it is woman. God is so slender we can’t even see him. Who are these slender god-girls? They are so hungry.

Why so many heart operations these days? Our hearts are broken.

Why so many school shootings these days? We believe it is our nature, but in truth, it is our nurture.

Why so many humuns these days? Too many 900 square foot sovereign domains.

Why so few woods? Woods have no humun rights.

Where are the wild places? Gone with the woods.

Why cut the wise old growth? We thought trees were stupid or dead.

Humun Rights. Why? More than our share.

Entitlement. To What? Ascension into heaven.

Who knew the bombs were on the way? Did you? Did you?

Where shall we go en masse?  “We will all go together when we go. All transfused with an incandescent glow. Universal bereavement, an inspiring achievement, yes we all will go together when we go.”-Tom Lehrer

Or we could simply learn to love our exquisite bodies; our forms; our selves.


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