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You Can’t Fight Pluto

Pluto is your friend if you don’t mind being burned in monumental fires or digested and regurgitated into a cosmic barf bag. The thing is, everyone loves a butterfly. Pluto is the planet of sex, death and taxes. In other words, things we cannot escape. Hence, the plight of the Butterfly.

Humunkind is transitioning, which makes us the goo inside those cocoons swaying in the breeze. At this time we look like something poured from a blender. According to Botanists, this caterpillar/butterfly soup has in it the DNA of both creatures. I know life in a blender feels like crap, but humunity is in the pupae stage now.

Seven years from now, one butterfly will emerge, than another. As the butterfly catches a breeze she will remember ghosts of caterpillars past and she will wonder, “Was that deja vu?” “How can I remember inching along? I don’t inch, I fly.” Change is necessary to bring the new. Gotta have it. This can mean dying or souping. The serpent’s skin dies, but she remains alive. Her skin no longer serves so she generates one that fits better. Possibly this body is our cocoon for a time. Are we worms or are we mun?

In seven years, Pluto will leave Capricorn and humunity will discover new modes of living. Our world will change in dramatic ways. Pluto rules Politics. The phrase, “Strange bedfellows,” was created just for Plutonic relationships. Which are your relationships that must be endured for the sake of power/survival?

So now you ask, “What will change?” Our political system. We created it with our apathy and our laziness. “Let someone else do the politics. It’s a dirty business!” Our lovely Capitalism has turned into a frightening monster, by and for the rich; like a financial vampire that sucks the livelihood out of every resource and then hypnotizes the populace into offering up our souls to the highest bidder. Except, the merchant class has always aspired to the seat of power. Check out; “The Man Who Would be King” vs. “Return of The King.”

Capitalism worked for a few decades after the New Deal because of regulation. With its natural condition of “boom and bust” under control, the American Dream prospered with a shiny new Middle Class that valued protectionism (Pluto in Cancer 1913-1938). Banks weren’t allowed to do any fancy deals that would make them too rich. By the time the 1950’s arrived a teenage boy could buy a car with his newspaper delivery money. One man could support a family of 6 or more. What was that like?

  1. Taurus ~ 1851-1881 ~ 30 years ~ The Age of Plenty

  2. Gemini ~ 1881-1913 ~ 32 years ~ The Age of Communication

  3. Cancer ~ 1913-1938 ~ 25 years ~ The Age of Protection

  4. Leo ~ 1938-1957 ~ 19 years ~ The Me Generation ~ Leo the King

  5. Virgo ~ 1957-1972 ~ 15 years ~ The Age of Perfection

  6. Libra ~ 1972-1984 ~ 14 years ~ The Age of Aesthetics

  7. Scorpio ~ 1984-1996 ~ 12 years ~ The Age of Sex

  8. Sagittarius ~1996-2008 ~ 12 years ~ The Age of Ideology

  9. Capricorn ~ 2008-2024 ~ 15 years ~ The Age of Acquisition

  10. Aquarius ~ 2024-2042 ~ 18 years ~ The Age of Rebellion

  11. Pisces ~ 2042-2066 ~ 22 years ~ The Age of Peace

  12. Aries ~ 2066-2094 ~ 28 years ~ The Age of the Beginning

  13. Taurus ~ 2094-2126 ~ 30 years ~ The Age of Plenty

In our country, anyone can grow up to be King, I mean President. Why do we even have a President? Isn’t it a bit Fascist to have one person ruling over all? That is how Pluto rolls. We have been trained to believe that Capitalism is based on the idea that anyone can work hard and “Make It” in America. For immigrants, making it, meant achieving the middle class; a house, a car and a college education for the kids. Those people did work hard, and they were sincere, and yet most people did not become millionaires. For the most part, the wealthy inherit their money. Most of the wealthy do not work hard; they  call someone. So much for high ideals. In the meantime, middle class people were lured into the hope that they could become wealthy. Pluto is like that. She draws you into her lair just so she can have a look at you before she bites off your head.

Pluto represents an endless power. As she progresses through each house, the zeitgeist of the times will express according to the archetype of the house. Each house has its own special theme on which Pluto will obsess.  The Pluto in Leo generation, “The Man Who Would be King,” obsessed on adornment and being special, the one, and the elite. In our present state Acquisition and Mergers are the important activities of daily  life. We want bigger and better. Having the stock market results on the TV news every night is like taping candy to a wall where the toddler cannot reach and telling her she can have it, if… Power can be such an asshole. Funny thing is, the toddlers (we) don’t understand that only 1% can have the candy. The stock market does not apply to us 99%ers. The stock market merely demonstrates the mood of the 1% today, and in the mean time we all aspire to royalty, standing on the heads of neighbors and friends in the belief that “it’s all in the game.”

We have allowed them because we hoped to be with them at the top, with more money than god and this is why …

Ronald Wright

“Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”

However, we must rally and prepare for the Pluto uprising that is coming in 2024 when She moves into Aquarius. We should not fight about “Who shot who in the what now?” They love when we fight amongst ourselves. Then we do not notice as they shoot the last Rhino. As they smear the beach in Africa with tons of crude oil. As they take the indigenous lands, burn the trees and the beasties so as to plant a cash crop; creating another disenfranchised group of lost souls cramped into a leaky boat.


Pluto in Aquarius will bring in a new era that will last for 18 years. I call it “The Age of Rebellion,” but the “people” will be focused on cooperation with each other during this epoch. We rebel against unfairness. We rebel against the status quo. We revel in our abilities. We revel in our mutual goodness. Just read about Aquarius and you will see what is coming, but not for long, because the Old Sky God is unpredictable, like lightning.


Or like this movie, made by George Lucas for his graduate project. It demonstrates, with uncanny realism, the dark side of Aquarius.


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