Love Offering!

On Gratitude for a Tyrant

The gift of TOTUS would be more valuable if we progressives would stop our hate talk and dig into real the issues that he exposes daily. Yes

The Bully Among Us

There is a bully among us. We have all had the bully experience. The guy who is always right, who knows more, who has been there, who has seen it all. Why does the group continue to allow this intimidation? The ordained leader of this group follows his lead like a dog. The Bully introduced the ordained leader in an attempt to show humility and the ordained leader seemed to like it – a two-man circle jerk. Van's comment that "I have been to China and you don’t know China,” was a form of soft bullying that men do to womyn. Eric's comments were met with some discussion, but mine were not, because - misogyny. Their first response to feminine comments is to challenge and make them wrong. The masc

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