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Kamala Harris: To Boom Or Not To Boom

A new perspective is needed to define the generations and I just happen to have one. Generation Virgo. She is no Boomer! Today’s burning question: Is Kamala Harris a Boomer or not? I can tell you, emphatically not! She is a Jones! Pluto in Virgo, not a Pluto in Leo. Let’s discuss. For years now, marketing agents and journalists have designated The Baby Boomer years from 1945 to 1964. This is based on the years from the end of WWII until the population explosion died down in ’64. It’s about GI Bills, babies and cars with fins, and oh, GDP. It doesn’t work, because consumerism is a false and empty god. Instead, look at the generations by way of the planet Pluto as she travels the signs of the

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