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GF Pumpkin Basil Pan Biscuits

Get out your small mixing bowl and put an egg in it. ADD: 2 T. oil 2 T pumpkin 1/4 tsp salt 2 T dried basil Approximately 1/2 C gf flour mix I love bread. One of the difficult challenges of a gluten free diet is losing bread. These little pan biscuits make up for it just fine. Whisk the wet ingredients together. Then add the salt and basil. Whisk a bit longer. Add the flour by heaping tablespoons one at a time. Whisk each spoonful of flour into the mix. Add flour slowly so you can control the consistency. When the mixture is the consistency of library paste (that stuff you ate from the jar in kindergarten). Oh sorry, not you? You must have been the one eating the erasers! Back to the consist

Breasts are For Suckling Babes

It is important to name things properly. Proper naming makes for correct usage. Womyn are not allowed to nurse babies in public in America because breasts are the proprietary property of men, who jealously guard their own and lasciviously desire those others. So, in order to correct this error, naming matters. Proper associating will help to grow men with respect for the resources of Earth, and womyn to protect their resources. It is a delicate balance, a dance, not to be taken lightly or without conscious awareness. It matters. Babies suckle at mother's breast. Humuns suckle at Earth's breasts. Babies suckle. When men see the breast and crave it in their mouths, they become as babies, not m

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