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Food Stamps Rant

The lawyers at our Current Administration are planning to deprive 3 million people from Nutritional Assistance. Thanks to Samantha Bee I learned that we have a few weeks to make comments about the situation. You can read the Doublespeak Jargon and comment at the links below. Here's My Comment Tracking Number: 1k3-9b99-b1j3 Here's My Comment: There is plenty of money to help us all, and you know it. The proposal is a cruel joke because the people affected by it are not equipped to understand, nor do they have the skills to stand up for themselves. This proposal is a cruel insult to all people, literate in the E

Seeing Shadows

Don't hate the president. That is what he would do. He is a paradoxical role model. Whatever he does, do the opposite of that. Seriously. All I am saying is that the shadows of our own hubris are coming to light from a president who is not a politician, but a showman. He cannot keep a secret because of his Gemini hubris. He is the classic fallen Gemini - lying to mom's face and then lie some more when she calls him on it. He is the infant heir apparent, stealing Apollo's cows when he was 3 minutes old. He is The magician whose tricks have been exposed, but he is the only one who doesn't know it, so he keeps waving that stupid wand while we can see the rabbit under the table. Someone has sto

Pew on Fake Charities

A RANT... "Pew Thanks Senators for Introducing Bill to Spur Antibiotic Development" Don't fall for this Pharmaceutical scheme... This bill is designed to force hospitals to use the antibiotics that Pharmaceutical companies want to sell and to get us to pay for developing new ones. Ask yourself why does congress legislate Doctor-care and NOT War? Government is upside down because WE The People have abdicated our responsibility. We have allowed it. I wonder which Pharmaceutical Lobbyist wrote this bill. Nowhere does it mention this... ........................ "According to the FDA, more than 20 million pounds of medically important antibiotic drugs were sold for use in food producing farm anim

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